Free pickup is available exclusively for schools, electronics stores, businesses or institutions.

As a consumer, you have the choice to choose between the following three disposal options:

a) Electronics and Battery Stores – There is the option to drop off old equipment when purchasing a new equivalent device and/or drop off this waste in a designated container (Depositrão for WEEE and Traga Pilhas for used batteries)

b) Depositrão and Traga Pilhas – feel free to use the logistic facilities of the Depositrão/Traga Pilhas network available here

c) Acceptance points – approved facilities where you can drop off electrical and electronic equipment and waste batteries can be found here.

Until the end of 2021, any waste collected at ERP Portugal’s more than 6,500 collection points will be converted into a donation to the Instituto Português de Oncologia de Lisboa Francisco Gentil (Portuguese Institute of Oncology in Lisbon Francisco Gentil) for the purchase of diagnostic and treatment equipment for oncological diseases.

All collection points can be found here.