The free collection is opened, exclusively, for schools, electronics stores, companies or entities.

The consumer can choose 3 free channels to do it, namely:

a) Eletronics and batteries stores – delivery of the old equipment when we buy a new equivalent one and/or deposit these waste in a container for that (Depositrão for WEEE and Traga Pilhas for used batteries);

b) Depositrão and Traga Pilhas – use the Depositrão/Traga PIlhas net logistic equipment, available here;

c) Receiving center – authorised facilities where we can deliver electrical and electronic appliances and used batteries, available here.

Until the end of 2021, every waste that will be collected at more that 6500 ERP Portugal collection points will be converted into a donation offered to Instituto Português de Oncologia de Lisboa Francisco Gentil (Portuguese Oncology Institute of Lisbon Francisco Gentil) to the oncology diseases diagnostic and treatment equipment purchase.

Collection points available here.