Regulation 2022-2023


1. ERP Portugal – Waste Management compliance scheme, was established within the framework of the European Recycling Platform, the first European platform initially dedicated to the management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and has included in its activities the management of Waste Batteries and Accumulators (WBA) and Packaging Waste (WP) in several countries.

2. Currently, ERP Portugal has already gained the confidence of around 700 companies that, within the framework of Extended Producer Responsibility, have transferred their obligations to recycle the waste of products on the market to the Administrative Body, in order to ensure compliance with the objectives and requirements of the legislation in force, especially with regard to the collection, reuse, recycling and recovery of waste included in the Integrated Management Systems for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Waste batteries and accumulators (WBA).

ERP Portugal, therefore, as part of the policy to promote the circular economy and the efficient use of resources, launches the initiative “Junta na Freguesia”, which focuses on the management of certain streams of WEEE and WBA to mobilize the population to hand over and properly dispose of this waste.

This document is the regulation of the “Junta na Freguesia” campaign, formalizing the conditions and application requirements under this initiative.

Article 1
Objectives of the “Junta na Freguesia” campaign.

1. Learn about the specific characteristics of WEEE and WBA and the main concepts related to their recycling

2. raise awareness among communities about the importance of proper disposal of WEEE, with the parish councils of each locality acting as collection points

3. contributing to the implementation of the “Junta na Freguesia” program by promoting proactive behaviour in the management and sorting of waste to enable its recycling

4. combating the inertia and passivity of citizens reflected in the storage of waste at home

5. promoting and supporting awareness, communication and education in local communities and businesses

6. promoting social sustainability in the regions of each parish council by encouraging the participation of surrounding communities.

Article 2
Scope of the “Junta na Freguesia” campaign

1. Taking into account the action plan to achieve the collection targets, ERP Portugal invites all municipalities to participate in the “Junta na Freguesia” campaign by dropping off electrical and electronic waste and waste batteries and accumulators.

2. Promote and support awareness, communication and education in local communities and businesses.

3. reward the municipalities that demonstrate proper management of the specific EEE and B&A streams and present results under this ordinance.

Article 3
Application procedure and format

  1. Applications for the Junta na Freguesia Campaign may be submitted by parishes in mainland Portugal and the autonomous regions.
  2. It is a condition of admission for the participation of each municipality that at least 30% of the parish councils of each municipality participate (i.e., applications from municipalities that do not represent at least 30% of a given municipality will not be considered)

3. Interested parties should visit the Eu Reciclo website and formulate their applications, beginning on September 1st.

4. The formalization of the application is done by filling out the form available at, bas well as the signature of the survey protocol by both parties, in which it is mandatory to provide all the requested data.

5. If you have any difficulties in submitting the application and/or the relevant documents/files, please contact

Article 4

1. The pilot phase of the “Junta na Freguesia” will begin on September 1, 2022, and will run until December 31, 2022.

2. The announcement of the winners of the pilot phase will be made by March 1, 2023.

3. In the following years, the project will take place from January 1 to December 31.

4. In subsequent years, the announcement of winners will be made by March 1 of the following year.

Article 5
Awarding of the prizes

1. the results are measured by weight for each specific waste stream, i.e. for the delivered WEEE and waste batteries and accumulators.

2. The prizes will be awarded to the municipality that delivers the largest amount of WEEE and waste of batteries and accumulators within the total of the municipalities of each municipality, i.e. one municipality per municipality will be awarded among a total of twenty winners.

3. The winners will receive a prize of 2.500,00 euros (two thousand five hundred euros), which will be used for a project of the municipality that:

a) has as its object the scope of application of the managing body

b) promotes environmental awareness and education

c) is within the terriority of the municipaltity

d) any other use that differs from the above must be agreed upon in writing between ERP Portugal and the Municipal Entity.

5. for each eligible municipality, ERP Portugal will grant a financial contribution of €50.00 (fifty euros) for each ton collected and delivered to ERP Portugal. This amount will be allocated annually after confirmation of the mass weight by the managing body.

6. without prejudice to the previous paragraph, if the municipality is registered in the “Eco Freguesias” program, ERP Portugal shall pay a fee of €70.00 (seventy euros) for the collection and delivery of WEEE and €250.00 (two hundred and fifty euros) per ton of waste batteries and accumulators, under the same temporal and quantitative conditions as established in the above paragraph, provided that the collections have a minimum weight of 60 kg (sixty kilos).

7. in addition, the following prizes will be awarded to the municipalities that supply the largest amount of waste from the categories indicated.

  • TV monitor
  • Large appliances
  • Small appliances
  • Printers
  • IT
  • Peripherals, lighting and lamps
  • Battery charger

8. The prizes will be delivered within one month after the results have been determined.

Article 6
Privacy Policy

1. By registering for the “Junta na Freguesia” campaign, candidates agree to this regulation and expressly consent to their personal data being collected, including in a database, accessed and processed by ERP Portugal, which is responsible for data processing.

2. The data will be processed for the purpose of participation in the initiative.

3. ERP Portugal reserves the right to request verification of the authenticity of the information submitted or provided in the application. ERP Portugal may also request additional information about the application.

Article 7
Entitlement to the Prize

Entitlement to the prize shall automatically and definitively cease, without any special formalities being required, if one of the following situations occurs.

  1. It is determined that the formalization or submission of the application for the award was not properly made
  2. The project to be developed does not comply with the factors set forth in Article 5 or is not approved by ERP Portugal
  3. The award is not claimed within 6 (six) months from the date of notification of the award.