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Is your company already a collection point for WEEE and RPA?

Did you know that you can enter into a Contract that defines the general principles of collaboration between your company and ERP Portugal for the collection of WEEE and RPA?

And that you can provide this service to your employees and clients, and your company can also have other benefits?

This is a simple and quick process that you can finalize through the email: operacoes@erp-recycling.org or through the phone number: 800 208 889

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At my Store

Did you know that traders are obligated to ensure:

The free take-back of WEEE from private users, on a one-to-one basis, upon the supply of a new equivalent EEE;

Nos estabelecimentos com áreas de venda de elétricos e eletrónicos com áreas  ≥ 400m2, a receção de REEE de muito pequena dimensão (nenhuma dimensão externa >25cm), gratuitamente e sem obrigação do utilizador particular comprar um EEE equivalente, podendo a recolha ocorrer no estabelecimento ou nas imediações;

The take-back of WEEE when sales occur through distance selling techniques.

ERP Portugal can assist you in complying with these legal obligations.

This is a simple and quick process that you can finalize through the email: operacoes@erp-recycling.org or through the phone number: 800 208 889

As a result of a partnership between ERP Portugal (Waste Management Entity) and the Eco-Schools Program (ABAE), the Geração Depositrão project aims to (in)form children, youth, and through them, the entire educational community about the importance of proper disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Waste Batteries and Accumulators (WBA).

The Geração Depositrão project is the result of various campaigns carried out by ERP Portugal, in collaboration with target schools, since the beginning of 2007..

In this context, and because proper waste disposal is essential, schools play a very important role in informing, educating, and training the adults of tomorrow, who will be excellent and effective advocates and influencers of the behavior of today's adults.

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Junta na Freguesia

The "Junta na Freguesia" program aims to transform each Parish Council into a command center for a sustainability movement. where everyone wins, individually and collectively:

1. Informing and training about the specific characteristics of WEEE and WBA and the main concepts associated with their recycling;

2. Raising awareness within your communities about the importance of proper disposal of WEEE and WBA, with Parish Councils in each locality serving as collection points for them;

3. Combating the inertia and passivity of citizens, reflected in the storage of waste at home;

4. Promoting and encouraging awareness, communication, and education within local communities and businesses;

5. Stimulating social sustainability in the region of each Parish Council, encouraging the participation of the surrounding community.

The end-consumer

"Collection requests can only be submitted by schools, appliance stores, and companies/organizations."

Consumers can choose from 3 free channels to deliver their waste:

a) Appliance and battery stores. - deliver the old equipment when purchasing a new equivalent and/or deposit these waste items in a container designated for this purpose (Depositrão for WEEE and "Traga Pilhas" for used batteries);

b) Depositrão and Traga Pilhas - utilize the logistical equipment of the Depositrão and Traga Pilhas network, to be searched here;

c) Reception center - deliver end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment and batteries at these facilities, the location of which can be found here

Available locations here

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