ERP Portugal

ERP Portugal

ERP Portugal – Waste Management Entity, originated within the European Recycling Platform, the first European platform initially dedicated to the management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). It later included in its activities the management of Waste Batteries & Accumulators (WBA) and Packaging Waste (PW) in various countries.

For several years, generating competition in the waste sector, ERP Portugal was established on May 13, 2005, to operate in the management of WEEE. This was initiated by four major companies: Grupo Gillete Portugal, Lda. (currently, Procter & Gamble Portugal S.A.), Electrolux, Lda., Hewlett Packard Portugal, Lda., and Sony Portugal, Lda. (currently, Sony Europe Limited, Branch in Portugal) – Joint Order No. 353/2006, of May 13, by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation and the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. The license was renewed on May 25 of the current year (WEEE License ERP Portugal).

In 2010, ERP Portugal extended its activities to the management of WBA, through the license granted by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (Order No. 3862/2010), already renewed through Order No. 11275-A/2017, of December 22, by the Ministry of the Environment.

Currently, ERP Portugal has already gained the trust of about 700 companies that, within the framework of Extended Producer Responsibility, have transferred the recycling obligations of waste from products made available in the market to the management entity. This ensures compliance with the goals and requirements imposed by current legislation, particularly regarding the collection, reuse, recycling, and recovery of waste that is part of the Integrated Management Systems of WEEE and WBA.

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